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posted by DL Byron on March 13, 2009

obey_everywhere.jpg Everywhere where I travel, I see Obey Giant and this time on my iPhone flying to SXSW. Wondering how many people know that Shepard Fairey did Obey Giant and the Obama posters or that he’s on trial for graffiti and vandalism.

Before all this social media and networking there was social art and Andre the Giante has a Posse.

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Mar 13  |  Frymaster said:

I, for one, am glad that his actions have brought about a robust debate about graffiti. Long story short: until humans no longer feel alienated by the architecture that surrounds them and until humans no longer feel the need to express themselves, jail is not going to stop graffiti.

Well, maybe not so short.

Mar 13  |  DL Byron said:

I’m most interested in the lawsuit the AP over the Obama image and where does fair use start/end in this case.

Mar 13  |  robroy said:

First of I would like to say I love graffiti. Like all art I don’t like it all but I like the history it presents to everyone. Secondly I see the debate about graffiti as an issue of the confusion between public and private space. Having been arrested for graffiti I can relate to outrage over the issue. I look back at what I was doing, when I was arrested and know that it was simply the beginning of a larger debate on public/private space and how art fits into this discussion. For me, now, I choose my public discourse in art as a fleeting and transient performance piece rather than a static “tag”.

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