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Talking Twitter

posted by DL Byron on May 26, 2009

Talked about Twitter in my Interestingness lecture last week at WebVisions and will talk about it more tomorrow at 140 | the Twitter Conference. I’m on a panel with Robert Scoble, Stowe Boyd, and moderator Jason Preston. We’ll discuss topics like

  • Is blogging obsolete? Will real-time services replace it?
  • Is Twitter over-saturated with marketing & business?
  • Is the “noise” on Twitter really useless?
  • How can microstructure enrich microcommunication?
  • How is this all different from chatrooms and instant messenger?
  • What’s next for Twitter?

and my take on Twitter follows the challenge Brian Oberkirch laid down with me at SXSW, which is marketers step up your game.


In other words, I wouldn’t have got on the Cluetrain if I knew the destination was marketing town. What I’m asking now and working through is

“did we change the world with blogs and social media or just open up a massive marketing channel.” The Internet Famous and popular blogs didn’t get there by trying to game social media with some bullshit strategy concieved by consulting charlatans. They blogged hard. Worked hard and still do.

Following the Twitter Conference, it’s onto Web Design World Seattle for more Twitter talk and exploring the Interestingness theme. Also writing an article on this topic that maybe another book … we’ll see.

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