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Winter Olympics: Contrasts

posted by DL Byron on February 16, 2010

There is splendor, energy, a new sense of pride in Canada for the Winter Olympics, and also contrasts like this photo


Suburban white youth billboard above a barbed-wire abandoned lot on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, just a few blocks away from the Olympic Torch.

The photo was shot in the Downtown Eastside neighborhood where, to put it bluntly, the drug addicts and sex workers are. That’s also a few blocks away from where a community effort to give everyone a voice at the Olympics is being undertaken by the W2 Community Media Arts House. They’re “making history as the first and likely last independent social media centre during an Olympics.”

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iPad: Email is for Old People, So Are Desktops

posted by DL Byron on February 04, 2010

Anyone with a dog in the iPad hunt has posted something more thoughtful than “it sucks” or “want” by now. After selectively scanning the various provocative posts, I chose Mule Design’s blog to leave a comment. It begins with, “email is for old people” and follows Mike Monteiro’s point that, “the iPad isn’t the future of computing; it’s a replacement for computing.”


Image by Mule Design.

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