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Flipboard with Zeldman

posted by DL Byron on July 21, 2010

Flipboard with Zeldman

First shared article seen on Flipboard is from @zeldman. How far can the "flip" sections go?

flipboad, flipboard, bo-blipboard
Banana-fana fo-flipboard

The article in the screenshot was grabbed from our Twitter feed and while intially confused by what’s going on, understand now that, "flipboard is parsing links that get tweeted into their app and from there a user can comment and then the comment is tweeted."

Why is this a magazine?

The app is visually appealing yes and addresses the lament that many iPad apps weren’t that great, but it’s really just a social bookmarking mashup. Due props for not releasing a revolutionary new PDF reader like Road Magazine did or Magcloud.

The magazine label comes from the logic that lays out articles and images into a magazine-like format. The magic is the parser. It’s social cause it’s displaying content from your social networks plus websites and blogs.


Our perspective is from a small business with content that is a revenue stream — that’s a big reason why you don’t see us writing free stuff for other sites — we write for ourselves and monetize it. Questions include: is this all creative comments? Fair use? They’re excerpting and linking with proper citation, but what about ads?

So if they run ads that means they’re just like any other aggregator site, just wrapped up in a UI and Apple device and not paying us.

Everything is a revolution

There’s isn’t anything particularity revolutionary about it besides the iPad interface, it’s an aggregator just like Daylife, but it does work.

Not sure exactly how yet, but it does.

Rewarding Crashing

Sidenote about their launch — you quickly saw it get anointed as a killer app on Twitter in an orchestrated series of tweets and then get pummeled by traffic. That seemed to please them. Back in the day, a down website or service was shameful. You were embarrassed and on the phone calling your host. Today it’s like a beta label. We’re so awesome we crash all the time.

No more fail whales please.

More on Flipboard here and later we saw articles from ourselves and Cyclelicious.

Props to @ktamura for the discussion that lead to this post.

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