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at the Blog Business Summit

17 Aug 05 by DL Byron

I'm at the Blog Business Summit this week talking about design, selling products, and blog engines.

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Posted by Doug Manis | 18 Aug 05

I think you dropped an 's' in the link. Should be:

Posted by Greg Marlin | 18 Aug 05

Hey DL,

I'm sitting in your session right now at the BBS listening to your session. Glad to see you come full circle - hope your success continues.

Nice -- you just got asked 5 questions in one...let's see if you get them point about links, fielded one in 5 very well.

Doing a great job, I love it when speakers pull up live sites and navigate with the audience. Will post a longer review later in my blog, just thought it would be fun to review you while you were speaking.

Posted by -b- | 18 Aug 05


Thanks, late night for me. I corrected the link.


Thanks I really appreciate it the comments. I also hope it wasn't like an informercial on Clip-n-Seal.

Posted by Greg Hoy | 18 Aug 05

Byron - it was not a Clip-n-Seal advertisement. Good work.

Posted by philgomes | 19 Aug 05

Enjoyed the sessions! Many thanks!

Posted by Chuck Tanowitz | 19 Aug 05

Hi Byron,

I'm in your session right now on picking a platform and I'm interested in your discussion about CMS systems. Running the risk of sounding like a corporate shill, you may want to check out Alfresco ( In the nature of full disclosure, this is a client of mine. But it's an open source enterprise content management system that was built to fit into a "shared drive" type system to make it easy for people to use. Once people start using it and information is categorized, it's just a matter of putting a portal on the front end.

Since you said you've run into these problems in the past I thought it would be something worth checking out.

By the way, I've enjoyed your discussions so far.

Posted by -b- | 19 Aug 05

Thanks. Molly and I knew there was way more that we hadn't covered. So, cool with me to plug. The other thing we left out is that blogger can certainly run a business site, we meant the hosted blogger service.

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