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Blog: Book


03 Oct 05 by DL Byron

There's no better book-writing weather than rain and I'll be Montreal later this week, with a forecast of rain everyday! When I get back next week, more book writing, and focusing on the Business Blogging 101 Seminar on the 29th.

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Blog: Book

And so the book begins

03 Aug 05 by DL Byron

Book writer As posted on the Blog Book Blog, the book writing has started.

Coincidentally, at the same time, I noticed that Paul Ingram and Nick Finck had similar, new instant-message avatars. I asked them where they got them and made my own just for book writing. To get the book done, and everything else, I’ll have to go into self-imposed radio silence for extended periods.

If I had more time, I’d attend a conference on time, and getting your life back from work. Just like the quote from Francis in the article, I, “pick away at a project rather than get paralyzed by the big picture.” If I paused to consider the big picture, that’s all I’d do ….

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Blog: Book

Pre-book Sabbatical

22 Jul 05 by DL Byron

I posted about the book on Blog Business Summit today and how we were going to crack open the Nutella snack, finally got the title, and we’re going to “echo less &Write more.”

Before Monday, I'll take 2 days and do no blogging, no nothing, bike riding, and chilling.

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Blog: Book

It was a dark and stormy blogging night

17 Jun 05 by DL Byron

I posted on the Blog Business Summit about the book I’m writing with Erin Kissane and Steve Broback. I announced it during my keynote in Colorado. Getting it published took a lot of time and hard work and I’m sure that’s just a precursor to the actual writing of the book, which is expected to include 2 levels of Dante’s Hell (level 1 was the proposal). I’m waiting for the “crazy, sexy, cool” title to hit me in the shower, or during a bike ride, and thinking about all that needs to be written.

The back story to the book is over a year old when I started talking with Molly, Zeldman, Carrie, et al., and finally Michael Nolan about writing a book. Several versions, proposals, and discussions later, New Riders agreed to publish it and so here it goes. From chapter 1: “It was a dark and stormy blogging night … .”

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