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It was a dark and stormy blogging night

17 Jun 05 by DL Byron

I posted on the Blog Business Summit about the book I’m writing with Erin Kissane and Steve Broback. I announced it during my keynote in Colorado. Getting it published took a lot of time and hard work and I’m sure that’s just a precursor to the actual writing of the book, which is expected to include 2 levels of Dante’s Hell (level 1 was the proposal). I’m waiting for the “crazy, sexy, cool” title to hit me in the shower, or during a bike ride, and thinking about all that needs to be written.

The back story to the book is over a year old when I started talking with Molly, Zeldman, Carrie, et al., and finally Michael Nolan about writing a book. Several versions, proposals, and discussions later, New Riders agreed to publish it and so here it goes. From chapter 1: “It was a dark and stormy blogging night … .”

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Posted by Keith Davitt | 18 Jun 05

As the author of three published and one coming book I think you'll find writing the book is a lot of work too but no more than getting a publisher and a lot more enjoyable.

Posted by -b- | 19 Jun 05

Thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate it. How much of your books did you publish online?

Posted by shel Israel | 19 Jun 05

Congrats on the book deal. To be honest, I tink the proposal is more from Hell than the actual writing will be. If you are really stuck on a title, feel free to use: "Blog or Die." It's currently not in use, as I understand it.

Posted by -b- | 20 Jun 05

Thanks Shel! I'm glad you commented cause we've also got to figure out how much to blog on the companion site. What are you thoughts? How has it worked for you on the Naked Conversations site?

Posted by Debbie Weil | 04 Jul 05

Hey Byron,

Congrats on the book!! Would love to compare notes. As you may have heard, I'm working on a book about business blogging for Penguin Portfolio. We still don't have a definite title. I do have a book blog but also haven't decided how much to "write" the book on the blog. It's at Today's New York Times (July 4th) has an article about book blogs with a photo of John Battelle.

Posted by -b- | 04 Jul 05


Thanks and congrats to you as well. Let meet at the BBS 05 in San Fran. I just checked the NY Times article -- very good. I hadn't seen that yet. We're still working on the title. We won't blog the book, like Scoble, but will launch a companion site soon.

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