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A few circles

12 Aug 05 by DL Byron

Going into the Blog Business Summit next week, a few full-circles are worth noting

  • I left Boeing to dotcom, then dotbomb (Webforia), and I’m back blogging
  • Was laid off from Wagged, during the dotbomb, and they’re now sponsoring the Summit and speaking at it.
  • I did my dotcom penance with a year at Microsoft. While there, I evangelized blogging and most had no idea what I was talking about. They’re now sponsoring the Summit and keynoting.
  • I hired a developer to help with a redesign project, so I can focus on the blog book. The original design was included in Zeldman’s book.

And a few more topics

  • I joke that I knew Keith when he coded his first P tag. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but we do go way back. He’s getting married, starting his own blog consultancy, and more. Good luck Keith and congratulations.
  • Over the weekend, I'll revise and update 3 presentations on blog design, blogs that sell, and blog platforms.

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