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The Reverend Carrion Crow

posted by DL Byron on July 16, 2003

We learned from a friendly City of Seattle employee that this time of year hundreds of crows die in transformers. They city has frequently studied the problem and they have no idea why they do it. As we watched the City employee pull a dead crow from the transformer that connects our neighborhood, we agreed that older crows dare younger crows to peck the transformer and it's a game to see how close they can get to the "transformer of death." After the City employee left in his big, rumbling truck, I used a shovel to launch the dead crow into the gulley behind our house. I offered it a salute, but secretly thought, "stupid crow."

Crows play chicken in the road. This morning, a crow flew up from the middle of the road into the front of our car. It's buddy crow circled and cawed and we were like, "whoa. what the?" How many gazillion times have you driven by a crow and today one flies into our car.

Then, Pam noted that earlier in the week, a crow threw a big stick at her from the roof of an office building.

I remembered that the UW did a study and determined that crows commute into the city for a day of garbage eating, then back to the suburbs at night

In Japan, crows place rocks on railroad tracks and in Caledonia, they make tools.

Damn crows.

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