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Dance Moves

posted by DL Byron on November 26, 2003

We’ve been bumped by the latest google dance. For years, you could search Google for Texturadesign and this site would be returned as the top hit. Now, an rss feed and other sites that link to us are the top hits. There’s no direct link to Texturadesign.com. Apparently Google has changed their Page Rank system to block Search Engine Optimization techniques. This topic has been slashdotted. We’ve got some tweaks to the page we’ll try and see what happens with the next dance.

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Nov 27  |  help said:

slashdot link broken. a href, not a title.

Nov 28  |  -b- said:

Thanks!. It’s been fixed.

Dec 04  |  robroy said:

I think you are mistaken -b- I just tried it and TD came up on top in fact I had to go to the second page to find anything that wasn’t TD related.

Dec 13  |  -b- said:

It is back to normal again. Very odd.

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