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David Suzuki Foundation

posted by DL Byron on December 07, 2004

Dr. David Suzuki was on KUOW's Weekday program last week. I listened intently because it also happened to be the same week that I started blogging about Marqui. The Suzuki Foundation is pushing for a radical change in the ways we use the forest and Marqui's Communication Management System helps them get that done.

So what is Marqui's CMS

Marqui's system manages communications. A user enters a communications piece and picks what mediums to distribute it to and for how long. The piece can be repurposed to email, newsletter, print, and a website. It can also be rolled back, versioned, and audited. It's an "enter once, use often" system for business communications.

what does the Suzuki Foundation do with it?

The Suzuki Foundation uses Marqui to manage proactive online communications on their web site and in e-mail newsletters. Visitors to their website subscribe and receive personalized funding request emails based on the interests. The communications are time-based using Marqui's Calendar of Events module. That means, they can roll out events based on a calendar and synchronize them to the mailing lists and their website. Ok, that all sounds good. Here are the stats:

  • Time to implement site: 3 weeks
  • Number of pages on site: 1200
  • Number of e-mails per week: 40,000
  • Number of interactive content contributors: 24

Why does that matter?

Marqui rapidly transformed the Suzuki Foundations' complex communications to their members and use it to raise big money. It works. They like it and use it.

Until recently, in my career, I've never seen a content management system work. That changed with Blogging and I posted on blogging the intranet earlier this year. In all the marketing hype, the fact that blogging is a simple and effective content management system is sometimes lost. Blogging works because it's so simple. Marqui isn't a blogging app, but it is simple to use and if your CMS isn't easy, people won't use it.

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