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Google Suggests More Blogging

posted by DL Byron on December 25, 2004

Google Suggests Scott and I have been talking to the press lately about business blogging -- the articles are forthcoming -- and the reporters always ask about metrics. I usually describe how a market found us on Google, our response to that market, how we did it, Google loves blogging, and more. Now, I'm using the Google Suggest beta to offers a quick view of the effectiveness of blogging. As you type into the form field, Google will offer suggestions with the amount of results. Typing ahead on "Clip and Seal" returns 429K results. Not bad at all when you consider we spent about zero in marketing.

I've also been asked a lot about Marqui's Blogosphere program. Once we get past the paid to post part, I explain that the program is about search engine optimization. In 3 weeks of the program, Google Suggest returns

  • 3,900 hits on Marqui CMS
  • 5,110 hits on Marqui Blog

Impressive returns that will continue to grow as they spend much more than the nearly zero we spent. Now, ironically, Marqui just released an SEO Marketers Guide (an how it applies to a CMS), yet fails to discuss how Google's page rank works, which can be found in their press kit.

Apparently, the white paper writers at Marqui aren't talking to the bloggers and don't get how blogs work with Google. For reference, here's a good overview on blogging and Google.

Marqui has a company blog about to launch and it'll be interesting to see if they follow up on blogging and SEO. To date, it's already been successful for them in regards to the blogosphere. The next phase will be getting their page rank up on terms like CMS and Communication Management System.

Google suggests more blogging.

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Dec 25  |  -b- said:

Test comment for the purpose of testing.

Jan 31  |  Ben said:

I think you are right. One neat thing, I'd have never predicted with the internet, is that the sites are staying around, so that people can find them, read them and learn from them. The worst thing about the .edu internet was data rot (a form of link rot) where resources and knowledge went into the vapor every semester.

Jan 31  |  -b- said:

Totally. I use it for my own knowledge management. I need to find something I said last year, about a topic, I google myself and it’ll return results on my blog.

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