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It's raining sideways - ha-ha dance

posted by DL Byron on December 08, 2004

It’s raining sideways here in Seattle and I’m doing a little ha-ha dance about IBM. That’d be computers as a commodity v. designing products people love. I thought of instant messaging all my PC-owning friends about it, but that’d wouldn’t be mindful. One of them is still trying to create a photo slideshow with his PC - he’s on week 3. Earlier this year, both Jobs and Ives noted that market share isn’t their concern, instead designing good products is.

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Dec 08  |  lenn pryor said:

I can provide some relief to your PC using friend. He really needs Photo Story 3 by Microsoft, a free application that does a lot of what iPhoto/iDVD does for making slideshows that are cool. It is not well known and most people have no idea what it does due to no marketing of the product.

Check it out here:


Dec 08  |  -b- said:

dude. I’d never heard of it. I’ll send him this link. Thanks. He’s really been struggling to get it done.

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