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posted by DL Byron on December 01, 2004

I added a paid to post page to our site today, offering an explanation of what paid to post is and why we’re doing it. Subheadings from the page include, Pimpin’ the Blogosphere, A Blogging Prison Bitch?, and Flame Us?

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Dec 02  |  Paul Ingram said:

As long as the blogs don’t become an AMWAY channel, no harm in pumpin’ the stuff you support.

It’s really no different than a radio show at this point. you’ve really got to use and support the products/services you promote, or the who thing can loose it’s validity and voice.

If you want to give a thumb’s up… there’s nothing new there. We’ve been doing that in our blogs for “months” now. But when you can’t give the thumb’s down, the blog is mute.

Dec 02  |  Doug Manis said:

As it happens our company is looking for something like Marqui right now. Since I know that you’re evaluating the product, I’ll wait for you to blog your findings.

So this paid-blogging arrangement is actually helping one textura visitor already.

Obviously it only helps if your visitors believe you’re not shilling for Marqui. I trust you.

Dec 03  |  -b- said:

Thanks and agreed - I explained it to Nick as blogging about Marqui fits into what I do on this site. Now, if I was posting like, “I love pugs, bicycles, David Hasselhof, and Marqui is great!,” there’d be a problem. I got cc’d on an flaming email concerning the Blogosphere program and read the philosophical, emotional, even theological debate about it and I responded with I have no moral issues. It’s rather simple. I blog for business

I also learned that “I get paid to blog” is a great conversation starter at a holiday party. Lead in with that, then hit the whole blogging evangelism elevator pitch. Worst part about blogs, in that pitch, is that they’re called blogs. I say, “a conversation with your market - ya know that whole Cluetrain Manifesto thing.”

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