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The blogosphere needs paid bloggers

posted by DL Byron on December 04, 2004

“I get paid to blog” has been a great conversation starter at holiday parties this week. I lead in with that, get their attention, and then hit the whole blogging evangelism elevator pitch — a conversation with your market, blah blah, mow mow. However there’s always a pause on who would be that voice and I realized that the blogosphere needs paid bloggers, to give a voice to all those blogs. I joked about it IM converstations, and it’s pretty funny, but it won’t be long before a professional group of bloggers emerges. The group could be called the Blog Authors Guild (BAG), a riff on SAG, the Screen Actors Guild. When someone needs a blogger (corporate, tech, music, more), there’s a group of professionals ready to go. The joking continued with BAG hags, who would be blogger groupies and blog about the bloggers.

Where others are viewing Marqui’s Blogosphere Program as product placement, I don’t think it is. On this site, it’s a sponsored blog category. I wrote about being paid to post earlier this week and noted in the comments that writing about topics irrelevant to Marqui and then dropping their name isn’t going to work. Posting about how the David Suzuki foundation uses Marqui’s software to manage their communications is in context to the business theme of this blog category. It is also a teaser for the next post.

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Dec 15  |  Jeremy C. Wright said:

I’d estimate that a year ago there were maybe 100 people being paid to blog. I’d guess that now it’s closer to a few thousand.

Sure, more is better, but things are happening.

There are a few such “guilds” being formed now. There are also professional blog consulting companies (I have one and we’re doing fairly well).

This is all morphing, changing, exploding, contracting and it’s all happening in the open. Very exciting.

Btw, found your blog through Scoble’s Linkblog, and I’ve happily subscribed.

Dec 16  |  -b- said:

Totally. Agreed. Thanks for the comment and for the subscribing - I’m getting caught up on your ebay story now. There’s a ton going on here as well.

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