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Tut is Back

posted by DL Byron on December 05, 2004

I downloaded King Tut from iTunes for the kids. They love it and laugh every time I play it. In an NYTimes editorial today, Steve Martin heralds the arrival of Tut and notes that, "it does strike me as ironic that the song has become the standard reference work on the subject of King Tut." Our daughter has been studying Tut in school, on Google, and World Book. I hope she includes the song in her report and maybe her and schoolmates will perform it at a school play. Of course, I'll be sure to note that Tut was not "born in Arizona," and he did not live in a "condo made of stone-a."

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Dec 05  |  doug manis said:

“If she is like a cat, we use kitty litter. If she is like a dog, we do it on the paper.”

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