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Vaca in Vegas, MT Screed

posted by DL Byron on December 18, 2004

From Vegas

Death Valley With Clip-n-Seal's office and order fulfillment center closed the week of December 20th, Pam and I are off to ride our bicycles and relax in Vegas.

I may write from Vegas, splurge for lap dances, eat too much, watch 15 seconds of hotel-room porn at a time before I have to pay for it, or do nothing at all. I'm not sure yet. Pam and I plan little when vacationing. We will ride Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon, and possibly Lake Mead.

MT screed

I do know that I will not think about comment spam or waste any more dev time on MT Blacklist.

Yesterday I updated MT Blacklist and it stopped working. No good reason for it to fail. It just stopped and now throws premature script errors. It can't find Storables (a perl module), but it's there. So, after hours of tweaking, I'm done with it. Whatever Movable Type has planned, I will say that suggesting that MT users update our sites to dynamic publishing is unworkable. You can't go back to clients and say, "hey, I need to redo the site to this php thingy, cause spam sucks and the solution I built for you is broken."

Sure, I could do that on my personal site, but why would I want to? I have 10 million other things things to get done. I don't know if MT has ignored the problem, has that team of 50 working hard on it, or what. I give props to Jay Allen for his efforts, his hard work, and I'm an MT evangelist, but if MT is to mature into a commercial app, they need to offer a solution ASAP. Expecting their customers to respond with development time to their failure to address spam is not acceptable. What's especially annoying is that when you ping tech support on it, they say they can't help because it's 3rd-party app, but Jay Allen works there now.

I don't know if the blogosphere has given MT a pass on this problem, I haven't poured over RSS feeds all month (side note on that, besides Scoble, I think few bloggers actually do read RSS), but do know I don't blame the spammers. That's like blaming sharks for hunting or hackers for hacking. The spammers found an exploit and are exploiting it. It's MT's job to fix it. Not mine.

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