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A nonprofit, unbiased robot poster that sucks

posted by DL Byron on January 15, 2005

Or iUpload calls people names

Marqui's blog is getting some traction with lively comments and responds to a critic and competitor who called them pond scum (note to David Carter: try reaching a little deeper for a metaphor next time. How 'bout, "poo poo pants," or something). Marqui and iUpload, as well as other critics, will be at the Blog Business Summit and that's sure to make for some lively debates. Personally, I don't know where this unbiased web is and I think it's a fantasy to think there is one. If your blogging, be a pundit, state some opinions, make some noise, and get paid to do it if you want. That's certainly better than regurgitating the same story you saw in your RSS reader and pretending your blog is the most unbiased.

I'd like to see a blog, with no opinions, no Adwords, no agenda to either promote some obscure fetish or sport or raise page rank. It'd have to be written by an non-profit, unbiased robot and man that'd suck.

To Marqui's Blogosphere program, Nick told me he has a Marqui filter now, where if he sees a post about Marqui, he immediately marks it read. Understood. Enough about paid bloggers, time to move on.

Interested in meeting Marqui and others? Wondering if iUpload will call some one a bad name? Attend the Blog Business Summit. It's next week and here's a 395.00 deal on registration.

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