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Eric Meyer Loves Me

posted by DL Byron on January 19, 2005

Eric Meyer At least that what Amazon.com tells me. I've spent much time on Amazon.com lately, managing our new Clip-n-Seal storefront and Amazon is constantly showing me Eric's book. Now, it's a great book, recommended reading, but page after page, day after day, working on Amazon and there's Eric. I even tried going to pages on Amazon where I thought Eric would never go, the opposite of Eric, say, designer moccasins from Isaac Mizrahi. Clicking around in garden tools? Nope -- still get Eric's book.

I'm not a Tivo owner, but I bet that's like My Tivo Thinks I'm Gay, where Tivo suggest shows it thinks you'll like based on what you've watched.

Amazon.com is a constantly suggesting wonder, but I wish I could turn that shit off or set a preference to something like, "suggest only lingerie that Terri Hatcher wears."

I didn't make that page

Another feature of Amazon is the Page You Made (there's Eric right on top of the list). Ok, on that, Dear Amazon UI Designer person, I did not make that damn page, I made this page and a bunch of other ones like it.

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Jan 19  |  Michael said:

That’s funny… for Christmas I ordered some children’s books for my nephew and nieces, and some cookbooks for my friends. Now all I get - on every amzn page - are cookbooks and children’s books. “Curing duck breasts and hanging them like hams in your refrigerator for three weeks may not be your particular pail of blueberries…” For whatever reason I seem to also always get the personal defibrillator - “Be prepared for sudden cardiac arrest with HeartStart.” Just what I need. What are they trying to tell me?

Jan 19  |  benishs said:

I think if you click on the text that says: “(Recommended: Why?)” you can select “Not Interested”. I believe you can also uncheck items you’ve bought to take them out of recommendation thingy.

Can’t help with the page you made. :D

Jan 19  |  Pal Mal said:

Wouldn’t checking off the “I own it” box remove it from your list of recommendations? Amazon’s and Netflix’s rec. engines are great, but I constantly find myself tricking them into recommending things I’m more interested in.

Jan 19  |  -b- said:

I’m amazed you found that preference. I didn’t know it existed. I also see the heart defibrillator. It’s the page I did not make.

Jan 20  |  Meryl said:

That is too funny! Maybe you need to throw out everything you have that is the colored red :P

Jan 21  |  paul haine said:

I found that buying my mother a Cliff Richard CD was enough throw my Amazon recommendations way off course.

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