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.Mac SDK

posted by DL Byron on January 31, 2005

dotmacThis week Apple announced an SDK for .Mac. That's fabulous news for Mac users, switchers and those thinking of switching. Why? Because one of the least publicized features of switching to Apple is the .Mac membership and membership does have it's privileges. .Mac offers a shared network drive (mac and pc), virus protection (don't need much), homepage, syncing, exclusives, and more.

Two of the features I use all of the time are iDisk and HomePage. iDisk is a public FTP that I share with my friends and clients. If a client or friend needs to send me a huge file, they just log onto my public iDisk from a Mac or PC, upload it, and they're done. Using the .Mac HomePage, my family easily puts photos and movies online in a few clicks. Why that's important is that the family can create their pages and not wait for me to finish some honking client site and get to them. They just publish away, as you can see on our galleries. Note the pug photos are always popular.

The .Mac SDK is important because .Mac can become even more integrated and innovative. For example, you could sync RSS feeds to your account and have them on the go, wherever you go, or more importantly, a cross-platform sync between Mac and PC calendar applications. Now that'd be something very useful.

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