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SEO Smackdown

posted by DL Byron on January 07, 2005

Marqui responded a couple weeks ago to the controversy about their SEO whitepaper with a thorough post. Kent Lewis takes on the harshest criticism from Robin point by point. I’m following up now because of this quote from Kent:

“The source code could be cleaner, but it’s elegant as CMS code goes.”

I’m running a CMS now, Movable Type, and the code couldn’t be cleaner. In fact, I think as evangelists, we’ve done a terrible job of explaining the platform benefits of blogging, one of them being elegant, clean code.

There’s also another factor at work — marketing v. technology. That’s always a struggle and with blogging now equated with marketing, issues like SEO whitepapers are going to come up. In an related email thread, I’d warned Marqui that “Designer geek, fan boys/girls, will be all over that claim of clean CMS code.”

To their credit, Marqui is learning from blogging, as Janet states in the post. We’ll see if their programmers learn from blogging systems. Or at least blog about what this is and how that’s considered “clean.”

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