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While traveling …

posted by DL Byron on January 13, 2005

While traveling, at the crack o' dawn, to the Macworld Expo for various meetings and to help Broback with his blogging presentation this went down

  • Code for guest pass airfare with airline was invalid, delay figuring that out with ticketing agent who was confused as to why my code would be invalid, as was I.
  • Paid full fare to try and make the flight, rushed to security.
  • “e-selected” because of last minute purchase and one-way (it wasn't supposed to be one way), which means full-on security check of baggage and body.
  • Missed flight.
  • Approached counter to inquire about next flight, overhear counter agent say, “standby passengers annoy me.” I say, “I’m one of those standby passengers and I’m about to annoy you further.” She shoos me away to customer service at another gate.
  • Said “serenity now” quietly and breathed deeply to calm myself.
  • Explained to customer service agent that I’m stressed, attempting to mellow out, and tell the story, noting the bitchy counter agent.
  • She inquires, is also confused about my ticket, checks several things, and offers another guest pass round trip - nice agent, very nice.
  • Relaxed a bit, give bitchy agent the stink eye when I walk past, coffee, a few emails, wake up a sleepy Broback with my status.
  • Board the plane.
  • Run from plane departure to taxi, jarring ride to meeting.

More on the meeting and Macworld in another post.

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