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Rusty Doors

posted by DL Byron on May 16, 2005

Rusty Door 102 What's behind the door at number 102? I have no idea, but I was very curious. Thick welds on the door held various pieces together, including a hook, bars, and mismatched plates. The hook must've been for delivery drivers. One of the plates was hinged to open a door viewer and another for the dead-bolt. Rusty doors always capture my imagination.

During the worst of the dotcom bust, I worked for UPS as a driver helper during the holidays. I dropped off packages at a lot of doors. One day, the driver said, "check the castle door, when you drop off the next package." We were in a condo building, with 4 floors and one massive, gothic door. It was a door you'd expect Vlad the Impaler to open up and, well, impale you. The door was from Bulgaria, had columns, gargoyles, a huge knocker, and handle. The owner had invented boot-lace eyelets.

Later in the day, during our lunch, I told the driver that if Clip-n-Seal ever went big, like the eyelet guy, I was going to buy myself one big, rusty mother-of-all doors for my house. He chuckled and we started to deliver more packages.

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