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The Bunny Man

posted by DL Byron on May 05, 2005

Bunny ManEver since our trip to NYC, I've been haunted by the Bunny Man. It was Easter Sunday, we were walking around a lot, and we keep passing him. It was the creepiest bunny I'd ever seen. In fact, before then, I'd never thought of bunnies as creepy. I think it was the vacant eyes and the way he gripped the hand rail to steady himself, as if it the suit was just a shell covering a slithering monster inside.

This week, I googled Bunny Man and there's an urban legend, a psycho-bestiary graphical novel, and an even freakier, cabbage-patch-kids-like doll.

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May 08  |  Jason Swihart said:

The movies Donny Darko and Sexy Beast both feature creepy bunny men. And of course, for killer bunnies you have Monty Python and the Holy Grail and One Crazy Summer. I personally think the the evil bunny is an under-recognized zeitgeist—evil clowns get all the juice.

May 08  |  -b- said:

True. Clowns have always creeped me right out, but bunnies are moving right up there in the creepy department. I got an instant message about Bunny Man that said it’s the perma-smile that’s the creepiest and that it’s a blood red smile. Interesting thing on your comment is that Donny Darko just arrived from Netflix unexpectedly.

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