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Another Fine Day for Riding

posted by DL Byron on March 12, 2006

I joined a local team ride today and rode from Austin to Creedmoor, Texas and beyond. We passed a road sign that said, “Population 211”, noticed a cactus growing out of a tree, and later I saw a lamb being born as we turned a corner onto another windswept road. The lamb was wobbling, covered with afterbirth, and the pace picked up, as the wind caught our backs. It was another fine day for riding.

I’ve found team rides to be the same everywhere and take comfort in that. Each ride has the same personalities with different roads, climbs, descents, and sprints to city limit signs.

Today’s ride had the leader/mom who told us where to turn, reminded others how to ride, and I bet he tells them the same thing every ride. There was the narrator that talks the entire time and off-the-front guy that’s always pushing the pace.

Mostly on these rides it’s the camaraderie. We’ve got a lot in common, us cyclist, regardless if we race and ride in different states and at different levels.

Riding in Austin was part of a different approach for SXSW this year. I brought my bike, have been riding, not really drinking, and spending more time in the halls than in panels.

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Mar 17  |  Web Designer said:

Hmmm… a dream ride! Am so jealus of you, buddy :-)


Jul 10  |  -b- said:

It was amazing and eventually led to Bike Hugger, a blog for cycling culture.

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