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Blogging for Business Seminar in NYC

posted by DL Byron on May 22, 2006

I’ll be in NYC later this week to speak at Six Apart’s Blogging for Business Seminar. I’ll talk about practical business blogging, how businesses shouldn’t fear the blogosphere, and that the book is on sale! Yep, that’s right, Publish & Prosper goes on sale this week and starts shipping this week. Somewhere, a semi of books is making deliveries to book stores.

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May 23  |  Jim Turner said:

Can’t wait to get a copy!

I hope you find time this fall to make it to www.blogonomics.net!

May 23  |  -b- said:

Thanks and man I have to admit that I’m nervous: how’s it going to look, be received, etc. Blogonomics looks great. I was talking with Tris for a while about speaking and then never heard. I loved to be there.

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