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My Man Crush

posted by DL Byron on May 20, 2006

I’ll have to admit my man crush for Jan Ullrich was wavering. His form was off due to a troubling knee problem and he had no races in his legs yet this season, but I held out hope. I still debated his potential to be a tour contender with my team mates, just with less enthusiasm.

Yesterday, on the way to a client meeting, I checked the Giro results and saw he won the Time Trial! Now, of course, those Jan haters will downplay that win, cite the winds, that it was a perfect course for him, or that he’ll get dropped in the mountains. A win is a win and we’ll see what happens in the tour. Even if he doesn’t podium, he’ll be there to compete and the good thing is that my man crush is back to full on.

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May 20  |  Stuart Tevendale said:

He’ll be there or thereabouts - the giro’s just training for him - after all, he’s the only tour ride who’s won before, and knows the pressures of being a winner, all-be-it 9 years ago.

May 22  |  -b- said:

Agreed and competitive. Like he proved last year, if he’s not close to the podium, he’ll ride for the team.

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