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New Launch: Blogs at Intel China

posted by Jason Swihart on May 23, 2007

Intel Developer Forum Beijing PhotosAfter a couple of months of preparation, yesterday we launched 博客@英特尔中国Blogs@Intel China. This extends the growing network of Intel blogs and represents a really bold step for them. China is a wild market, blogging is a wild medium, and it takes guts for the folks inside Intel to release their grip and see what happens.

Unlike some corporations we know, Intel has been nothing but genuine in their blogging ambitions—across the organization, they seem to understand that the internet is not really interested in more corporate P.R. Accordingly, they are keeping things lightweight: the blogs themselves have only minimal layers of approval to go through between inception and launch and Intel’s bloggers are left free to post, apart from some pretty standard corporate legal rules they must follow. This freedom leads where you would expect: the up-and-coming Intel bloggers we talk to are personally, genuinely excited to have this outlet for their thoughts and Blogs@Intel is generating candid, interesting content as a consequence.

It’s also an exciting moment for TDI to take this step into the Asia market. Personally, I’m on pins-and-needles to see what happens when the world’s biggest chip manufacturer takes its blogging efforts to the world’s biggest consumer market. 11 hours after launch, Blogs@Intel China already has more comments than some blogs we launched months ago.

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May 23  |  Bryan Rhoads said:

Thanks TDI… Intel is one of the first to launch a business blog in China.

After just 24-hours… the comment levels are very impressive.

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