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Everyone's A Twittic

posted by Jason Swihart on July 30, 2008

I love Twitter as a delivery device for witticisms, observations, cynical remarks, and links to the funny. clever, or cool. But where Twitter really excels is in delivering pointed, often passive-aggressive criticism. It’s a great substitute for writing “Joann is a slut” on the bathroom wall or talking shit about clients at AIGA receptions. When done well, a Twitter criticism will be seen by the object of your ire inspiring pangs of defensiveness, but leave them in sufficient doubt that they’ll never call you out. To wit:

These Twitter Criticisms—Twitticisms, if you like—are a vital part of the Twitter social model. They’re a vent for frustration and bile which might otherwise be expressed by a foot to the dog’s ass. Instead of facing difficulties head on, and addressing them to the party directly, the Twittic sends it to Twitter in the hope, nay belief, that somewhere out there, someone will read it and say “Yeah, totally man! Joann really is a slut.”

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