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The Skybox Project

posted by DL Byron on September 06, 2009

How We Spent our Summer Vacation

Skybox: Construction

The Skybox is located in West Seattle with a nature reserve to the East and the Puget Sound to the West. The architectural influences are

  • Water, forest, light
  • Earth, stone, wood

In Seattle, we want to add as much light as possible and accomplish that with the Clerestory, transom and bay windows.


To add functional, living work space to a 50s Rambler.


Skybox: Rendering

A glass, steel, concrete Skybox structure. Based on pre-formed modular structures seen in Girona, Spain and architectural magazines.


We’re a few weeks from completion and have kept the project mostly private. Sharing it now, as we prepare to move in.

This blog post includes select photos and observations from the project.


  • Bob Swain
  • Wesley Pierce

They Skybox is being built by Tanner Construction.

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