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Bike Hugger in the New York Times

posted by DL Byron on March 10, 2010

Worth nothing for the first-time ever, the NY Times quoted me and I didn’t sound stupid.

“We think this is fantastic,” said D.L. Byron, publisher of BikeHugger.com, a blog about bike culture based in Seattle. “It will open up reliable transportation options to cyclists.” Mr. Byron said that while plenty of programs allow cyclists to upload their routes to the Web, no other service provides optimal directions for cyclists in urban settings, at least not on a national scale.

Mr. Byron predicted that the Google service would help to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transportation. “A lot of people would love to get on their bike but are afraid they won’t find a safe route,” he said. “If you make these options more available to people, they will do it.”

The article is about Google Bike Maps, a topic we’re blogging at Bike Hugger. Google is joining us for the Mobile Social SXSW, an urban ride meetup we do annually @sxsw.


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