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Mix 10 Talk: Design the Ordinary Video

posted by DL Byron on March 25, 2010

Here is video from our talk at Mix 10. Not sure how the talk would go, but we were very pleased with the result. The crowd was engaged and enthused. Our message of a return to simplicity in web design resonated:

This presentation is a study in the simplest of objects, their usefulness, and how they become part of our culture. It relates to web design and our tendency to overcomplicate, to play drum solos when a tight and crisp backbeat will do. Learn how to find inspiration in the ordinary and pause before adding that flair to your next project.

Mix Talk Fixies are form and function. They are bikes built from ordinary parts into useful machines that do what cyclists need them to do. That’s a good lesson for web designers and developers because we tend to overcomplicate our work. In the talk, we asked, “What if consumers, like bike messengers making fixies, made a website to do one thing? What would that look like?” Probably more like Google and less like Amazon.com. Kevin Tamura and I also presented this talk at Refresh Seattle.

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Specialized provided us the Globe Rolls for the talk and to ride in Vegas while we were there.

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