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Space oddity

12 Jul 05 by DL Byron

I sang Ashes to Ashes with the kids this morning in the car. They liked the synth flourishes, and the, "I'm happy, hope you're happy too" lyrics. I was about to explain to them the importance of David Bowie, when I heard, "ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know major tom's a junky," and thought about Space Oddity. That album and the hit title song were Bowie's first reinvention of himself. As I thought about it more, I realized the parallel with Discovery's mission to restore confidence in shuttle program. NASA is reinventing itself and about to fly. As I posted on the Clip-n-Seal blog, while we're thrilled to be a very small part of the shuttle program, we also realize the emotions and passions the Shuttle is carrying with it into flight.

If it's on board, we hope Clip-n-Seals work well and wish the crew good luck.

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