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ending epiphany

posted by DL Byron on October 06, 2003

the ensilage slowly buries me. i can't move. i can't scream. i see the troll shoveling. he is cursing me and exstill, but sporozoan ignites and the grand viewer wakes. she whispers in the trolls ear. he fades. i am suddenly free. the grand viewer then whispers to me and my mind cracks with pain. the epinephrine burns my arteries. the epiphany is over...


Oct 06  |  dirk said:

i’m not sure what you’re saying there, but i like it. does this scene take place with the mole people in the subway?

Oct 09  |  robroy said:


it is not about the mole people. but it does happen in nyc. i am not sure how much i want to say about what it is about.

who are you?


Oct 09  |  dirk said:

Are the mole people real? We met in Seattle at one of your showings. I was one of the artists not into glass. In fact, I’d be happy if another piece of glass art was never blown. They could fill up the Kalaka with all the glass art in town and sink it out in the sound. What a wonderful reef that would make.

Oct 13  |  robroy said:

the troll likes the idea of a reef out in the puget sound. a reef made with dale chihuley glass.

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