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Free Wifi

posted by DL Byron on October 23, 2003

Computerworld reports that businesses are finally realizing that free WiFi has a great return on investment. An Ars Technica forum furthers the discussion. During our vacation, we enjoyed free wired broadband access in the hotel room and free wifi in the lobby. Wifi should be like a television in a lobby or airport. Cometa Networks has rapidly set up hotspots all over the Seattle area, but I don't want the hassle of signing up, picking a plan, using the service, blah, blah. Just give me the access and I'll be happy. NYCWireless offers free wireless throughout the city and downtown associates elsewhere are offering free access. Others should follow their lead.

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Oct 24  |  doug said:

It seems to be a battle between Schlotsky’s Deli (free and open) and Starbucks (daily or monthly subscription). Right now I can pay for 802.11 coverage at University Village; or I can drop by the two Starbucks and use their network for a fee; or I can sit outside the Apple Store and use their 802.11 bandwidth for free. Apple wants people to use their network because it keeps people hanging around and they might eventually buy an iPod or a computer. But the interesting thing is I can actually walk into the Apple Store and use any of their demo workstations and get online for free anyway. So if I’m just checking sports scores or stock prices, why pay? Obviously if I’m trying to do actual work, I’ll pay the U. Village fee and be as productive as I like. But if I want to do actual, company-related, proprietary work, would I trust any public 802.11 network? Even a closed, paid network? Do I trust the administrators to keep it secure?

I offer no analysis; I just thought it was an interesting topic.

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