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IE changes and almost valid embed code

posted by DL Byron on October 07, 2003

Microsoft details their browser changes in response to their infringement of Eolas' patent. While I cheer for the little guy, I also lament updating code across sites; especially to avoid an IE dialog. Apple has provided instructions to code a workaround, so has Macromedia, and I'm reminded how, a few years ago, Microsoft changed it's code and I had to update Active X for quicktime on hundreds of pages.

The mozilla camp chimes in with numerous comments on this matter and suggests that IE be damned, maybe users will realize there's better browsers out there.

I'll hold on the latest IE workaround, for now, and discuss embedded code that validates. View source on the movie page (right click or ctrl+click and view source) to see how it's coded for QuickTime.

The same code can be used for Flash by changing the mime type

if (navigator.mimeTypes && 

Months ago, when I posted the Flash version of the code to an ALA forum, a debate about its "real" validity started, to which, I responded, "considering all the hacks we use to get standards-based design to work, there's nothing wrong with tricking the validator to ignore the non-valid markup."

Looking at the code for the IE changes workaround, it's using document.write to "trick" the browser into avoiding the pop-up, "click ok" dialog. Add some ending slashes and it's valid xhtml. For those pure-markup people out there, the debate about valid markup will continue and they'll be forced to use it. That is if they care about the IE changes.

Update: Here's a text file with the somewhat valid embed code.

Please note that Safari will render that .txt file and display the movie. If so, view source on it.

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Oct 13  |  Sander said:

Somehow I really fail to see how webmasters have to change their designs because tool makers, browser vendors and software companies can’t devise a solution. Instead they pass the responsibility on to the webmasters and webdesigners, because they outnumber the amount of lawsuits eolas is prepared to start.

It’s a emberrasment to professionalism

Oct 13  |  -b- said:


Oct 26  |  alexander said:

Why do people use the embed tag, when you can write valid markup that works in mozilla, (using the object tag).

look at www.alistapart.com article:flashsatay

Oct 28  |  -b- said:

You can. The embed code hack is an alternative to the flash satay method. I don’t think there’s a flash satay method for QuickTime.

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