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Man in a box

posted by DL Byron on October 03, 2003

I'm fascinated by the surreal news reports of Londoner's reaction to David Blaine's latest stunt. Highlights include:

  • One magazine has taunted him with a hamburger suspended beneath a model helicopter. A Sunday tabloid tried to tease him with a barbecue.
  • "Actually, I came here because my husband and I wanted to make love in front of David Blaine but my husband chickened out, so I just went it alone," Mrs Staff explains
  • Adam Ant made a 1:30am visit to the site of Blaine's meaningless stunt and vowed to keep the universally-mocked illusionist awake and end his tawdry stunt through "the power of punk."

This is London summarizes the reaction, including a steady stream of missles from the crowd, flashing breasts, and laser pointers. Blaine-baiting has become a new national sport in the UK and keepblaineawake.com has written an anti-Blaine manifesto.

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