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Yet another 3-D app

posted by DL Byron on October 22, 2003

Back from vacation, caught up on email, and reading the news, I was surprised by Adobe's new 3-D app. Yet another 3-D app that will most likely languish. We've had VRML, Cosmo, and Swift 3-D. Adobe offers it for one browser on one platform and it requires a plugin. Do we need another plugin?

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Oct 24  |  mboszko said:

Actually, it’s not new. I downloaded a version of this over a year ago. I’m not sure if it’s been in beta all this time, or what… but it’s definintely not “new.” Clever marketing.

Oct 28  |  -b- said:

Now, I think I remember reading about this a long-time ago, and was like, “whatever.”

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