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Curious object

posted by DL Byron on December 22, 2003

curious_shape.gif A friend sent a cheery photo of her daughter making cookies. Very nice. Looking closely at the photo, I noticed a curious object in the background and pointed that out to her in a reply-all response. She wrote back and said, "That is a butternut squash we grew ourselves—totally organic! We have decided that it is our God, and worship it in orgiastic ceremonies on nights of a full moon. You are invited to join our religion, since you are the only person on our extensive mailing list who has noticed it’s throbbing presence in the background.

By the way, the other people on this mailing list are my sweet, doddery old aunts and uncles, who may have thrombosis when they see your little arrow pointing to our big phallus."

I wished her well for the holidays and sent her the Santa Pole link.

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Dec 22  |  Kate Wolf said:

B is a rare breed of plant. Its Latin root is Phallus Gaydaresqueness.

Dec 22  |  -b- said:

Very nice. Thanks. May you find a curious, organic, object in your garden one day.

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