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The Santa Pole

posted by DL Byron on December 16, 2003

The Santa Pole tradition continues this year with a design competition. Two years ago, we started the Santa Pole tradition by accident when decorating for a fun, impromptu, winter solstice party. We found an old plastic Santa head in an antique store and attached it to a pole wrapped with Christmas paper and lights.

Now our children understand that by waving the Santa Pole about, Santa knows we’re accepting presents. It’s how we signal the North Pole that we’re “open” and to make sure Santa stops at our house. I made that story up when the children kept asking me what I was doing outside with a pole, lights, and wrapping paper. Now it’s a tradition. This year, as in years past, on Christmas Eve, we’ll wave the Santa Poles about and the children will hop around all excited. Later over drinks with the parents, a design winner will be decided. We hear that everyone loves the tradition (or at least the say they do) and we have an open house on Christmas Eve for our friends to stop by with their Santa Poles.

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