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5 minutes for one and death for another

posted by DL Byron on January 10, 2004

It’s tough not to be a Mac zealot freakboy when you spend 5 minutes setting up an Airport Network and all the macs work great. Then your PC dies a black death while rebooting after hundreds of driver updates that were supposed to get the wi-fi card to work. I use Macs and PCs side-by-side all day long and WinXP has certainly matured into a good OS, but why should I even have to deal with a driver update? I really hope Longhorn is what MS promises (more mac like) so the rest of the computer-using world can be more peaceful and productive.

Speaking of Mac zealot freak boys, Manisfam has offered to blog his switch to a Mac in the enterprise. That’s coming in two weeks. My switch went down months ago and is archived here.

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Jan 21  |  Phil said:

Are you on the Mac meetup list? It never seems to have enough people. so, it’s always good to hear about other Mac folks.

Jan 21  |  -b- said:

no. are there other mac zealot freak boys there?

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