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Apocalyptic Snow in Seattle

posted by DL Byron on January 07, 2004

If you’re going to be snowed in, what a better way to do then to watch Steve Job’s 20th Anniversary of the Mac (the hammer thrower now wears an iPod) keynote at Macworld! Great news on the iLife suite, the popularity of iTunes, and updated products from Microsoft.

Every year the media predicts the storm of the century and this year they were actually closer to the truth than most. For the Seattle area, it’s a big storm. The media might as well run "Apocalyptic Snow " promos.

I posted a message to a Volvo forum about nearly totalling my car on Black Ice earlier this week. I’ve driven in all sorts of conditions, even spun 360s in the middle of a highway with a semi bearing down on me, but I was "situationally aware" in those conditions; in this incident, the roads were bare and dry. To heighten the fear response, when the car stopped, I could hear other cars hitting the wall. The next day I drove over the same spot at 9 mph. I’m sure the drivers behind me were cursing the jackass in front of them. And I thought, “try shaking hands with the devil on that corner Mr. SUV! I have.”

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