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Pace Vito - Yaaaaaaaah!

posted by DL Byron on January 21, 2004

This weeks banner photo comes courtesy of Pace Vito who always has something interesting going on. We can only hope Vito et al does something with the Dean Scream. I heard that live and thought, “whoa.” Then heard it played to AC/DC on Howard Stern the next morning. A Vito-inspired euromix, sort of kraftwerky thing would work or maybe deconstruct each note and mix it to a Tears for Fears ringtone? Yaaaaaaaaah!

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Jan 22  |  benishs said:

The thing that I find disheartening is that Dean is getting all sorts of flak and ridicule for that speech.

He explained after the fact that he was so emotional because there were 3,500 supporters that “worked their hearts out for three weeks” and he felt he owed it to them to give it everything he had.

What’s wrong with that? It’s like, god forbid someone gets emotional or excited about politics.

Jan 22  |  -b- said:

Agreed. I just watched him on 20/20 and he’s right. He did that for the crowd. I actually dug it. Was it presidential? No, but it worked for the crowd. Now he needs to acknowledge it and move on. I hope he does it on late night tv.

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