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Raining sideways - redux

posted by DL Byron on January 24, 2004

It’s raining sideways. Big wet gusts blow down the street and by my window. Living in Seattle, I welcome the rain and miss it when it’s gone. It softly cleans the air, turns me inward, and I ride my bike straight into it. The tires split the rainwater rivulets, as I climb up steep hills and rush down the other side. Head down, dreeping in the rain, I continue, and pedal.

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Jan 26  |  robroy said:

I remember those days in the cold and wet. Amazingly I miss them. There is something truly beautiful about seeing a three or four thousand dollar bicycle with weird plastic flaps, to guard against the wet, made of a cut up milk carton.

If I miss anything about Seattle it is a long ride, in the rain, with -b- and Pam.

Jan 27  |  -b- said:

It’s cleansing. The rain cleans the air.

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