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To Covet

posted by DL Byron on January 09, 2004

Listening to NPR this morning I heard that Sotherby’s will be auctioning off 5 Faberge Eggs this spring. They expect to sell the 5 for around 90 million dollars.

When I decided to redesign sikwenshel and to use covet as the focal point of my site narrative I was unsure why I felt it was important. All I knew was that I felt as though people did covet. To covet is to go beyond simple want, even beyond intense desire, to want something so desperately that you sacrifice other things for it. And then I thought about how we are made to want, to desire and to covet. These things happen through advertising; ads in a subway car, on a bus, a billboard along the side of a highway. I wanted to make images that called upon this type of imagery but were emphazing my art.

I know that most of you come to this site for -b- and his web commentary and don’t really know me. I am not a web designer. I dabble. I am an artist. The web-site is just one more extension of the art that I make; that I covet.

Do you think the person who is willing to spend 90 million dollars on Faberge Eggs has a simple desire?


Jan 12  |  -b- said:

Many covet the ipod.

Jan 13  |  robroy said:

Actually I think that is desire. The iPod is very easily obtained and therefore, in my opinion, cannot be coveted.

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