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Eerie and Lovely

posted by DL Byron on February 29, 2004

I had not seen the work of Loretta Lux until I read the NY Times review (subscription) of her new show. We used a similar, but not as lovely, digital technique for one of our net.art pieces. The photos remind me of the Cremaster Cycle, where a whole other world is created across mediums. To me, her work captures the secret worlds children create that are neither here nor there.

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Mar 02  |  robroy said:

I think you are right -b-. They are eerie. I think comparing them with Barney’s vision - it spanned ten years- is premature. She does create a sense of other-worldly places but the obviousness of the technique is distracting. It will be interesting to see where this work goes.

Mar 02  |  -b- said:

did you see her show in person?

Mar 03  |  robroy said:

Yes I did. They are much different in person. The technique is even more obvious.

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