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posted by DL Byron on February 27, 2004

I was wondering when art and technology would meet rss feeds and saw reblog today. Their hack is interesting and put into the context of blogging for business, the potential to group feeds to industries and add commentary could attract visitors to your site and prove useful. That’s what we called vertical markets in the dot-com days - a business to business blog. For example, I may want to learn everything I can about patenting an invention and the “invention reblog” shows me all related posts. It differs from a blog search engine because it’s selected by an editor and actually works well. Maybe it’s a blog+wiki with some structure and a friendly user interface.

reBlog also got me thinking about the all-news nature of rss feeds and how art in a feed might be interesting. Say, a haiku feed? Or the one perfect post, like the great Amercian novel, but the one post. Is feed marketing about to happen - the viral feed?

And, on feeds, Apple has quietly been publishing a variety of RSS feeds.

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