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posted by DL Byron on March 07, 2004

I finally clicked through most of the Weblogs Inc. Network (WIN) site and their effort to “make blogs into a business.” Alvey, WIN’s CEO, and I worked together on a Blogstakes contest and he coded WIN from scratch. As noted in my More than Shilling Product entry, we use our blog to connect with our customers and it’s been a remarkable branding success (Blogstakes contributed to that success). I also noted that I’m not sure where blogs are going, but it’s “definitely more than just people loving their pets, shilling product, politics, instant pundits, or wardrobe malfunctions.” WIN is one place where successful blogs are going. Blogs are part of our brand and it’s WIN’s business. Cheers to their success and making money.

Preparing for the Blogging for Business Panel next week, I updated the speaking page with more related links.

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