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posted by DL Byron on March 30, 2004

The sessions at i3forum are filler for the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, where you drink and connect with your peers. There’s a real creative vibe here and a sense that business is getting done. I talked about blogging, blogging for business, and using blogging tools for content management. Most of the people I talked to had a general idea, or no idea, what a blog was. Hopefully we’ll see a few new blogs because there’s plenty that the people I met can write about and a creative professional blog conference may result from some of the discussions we had.

We tend to think that blogs are mainstream, and that tipping point tipped a while ago, but there’s much work to do and many creative people that want to do it.

Quotes from an inspired session with photographer Jerry Uelsmann

  • “I’d be old if I wasn’t so immature.”
  • “Once we fall asleep and begin dreaming, we create mythic figures.”
  • “Self doubt is part of the creative process.”
  • “It’s not the role of the artist to resolves mysteries, but to generate more of them.”
  • “What happens when you cross a post-modernists with a used car salesman? An offer you can’t understand.”

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Mar 31  |  molly said:

Byron - totally agree that we in the blogging community forget that the rest of the world isn’t necessarily on the same buzz we are. However, I do think by the end of i3forum, a lot more people were interested - between you, me, matthew richmond and steve broback himself - well, i know we did some good web-stuff-in-general evangelism as well as bringing blogs t5o an audience that needs them!

Apr 01  |  -b- said:

Agreed. Steve spotted me at the reception and popped out of the pool like a soaking wet ninja to introduce me to someone so that I could tell them what a blog was. It was invigorating to be around so much blog buzz.

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