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Mark it down

posted by DL Byron on March 21, 2004

I dig Movable Type, use it for my business, and evangelize it. However, one of the things I don't dig so much, is the posting process:

  1. Write in BBEdit.
  2. Log into MT, paste the post, preview.
  3. Switch back to BBEdit for revisions.
  4. Repeat until done.
  5. Publish.

Last week, Daring Fireball released Markdown. I read through the lengthy introduction, was daunted by learning a new syntax, but decided to give it a go. This post is written with Markdown. ok. cool. That eliminated several posting steps.

A few issues I've found:

  1. Not able to add a target="_blank" on links.
  2. Not able to have more than one link on the same line.
  3. I like visual interfaces.

Markdown is certainly more productive. After switching to BBEdit, nearly full-time, I've abandoned Dreamweaver except for quick layouts or tables. I'm just more efficient in code with templates. I do wonder where the visual interfaces to MovableType are? By that I mean a visual app that connects to an MT post.

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Mar 21  |  Nick said:

No one should ever use target=”_blank” in links anymore… it drives me crazy when I go to sites that do this. I know how to right click and open in a new window, if that’s what I wanted I’d do it… I guess this was one of those things I used to think was good for “off site” links but then I realized how much of a pain in the ass it becomes when some sites don’t use them and then others do. I say let the user decide.

Mar 22  |  -b- said:

Good point. I’ve argued on both sides and at my last client, we decided to continue opening a new window for external links and I still think that has advantages. However, that was before pop-over and under windows. Another consideration to the right-click is tabbed browsing, where the user opens a new tabbed window for the link.

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